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General conditions

Terms & Conditions


Only if approved by CALETA HOMES, this contract will be accepted once the total reservation has been paid according to the terms and conditions established for it and by providing proof/proof of having made the payment by bank transfer, cash payment, physical or virtual POS. The reservation of the accommodation can be made both ways by direct booking or online. This contract will not take effect until it has received the agreed deposit. CALETA HOMES reserves the right to refuse the booking, without having to provide any elucidation to the tenant, until just the moment of receiving the deposit amount. 

Although the conditions of this contract have been translated into another language, the Spanish language will always prevail. 


The agreed price for the rent of the property will be paid by bank transfer, cash, physical or virtual TPV, serving the receipt / proof of your payment as an effective receipt of payment of the agreed amount. On the day of arrival, a security deposit must be paid (minimum 200 euros), which can be paid by card if the check-in is private or at our office or through virtual POS. This security deposit will be refunded within 7 days of the check out, if there is damage in the apartment.

Supply costs, such as electricity, water, gas, shall be paid by the homeowner up to 60€ for rental periods longer than 14 days. The tenant will pay any additional cost. Regarding end cleaning fees, the tenant pays the amount indicated by CALETA HOMES. In case of any damage, the repair or replacement will take place, any costs generated from it, repairs as well as the administrative expenses or services fees will be covered by the tenant and deduced from the deposit.

In case of any remaining balance due to be paid to CALETA HOMES originated in this or previous periods or any possible damages with higher costs than the deposit paid, CALETA HOMES reserves the right to recover the amount due using the payment details provided by the guest/s directly or through another platform. For invoice issuance, taxes will be applied on the commission fees to be received by CALETA HOMES as property Management Company.

CALETA HOMES will retain in full the amounts paid as a security deposit to cover any possible damage to the property and / or common areas of the building and/or parking spaces related to the accommodation. In case the damages are not covered, the tenant authorises CALETA HOMES to collect the difference using the means of payment provided the tenant.
Formal complaints from the neighbours or the neighbours association (Comunidad) will be the reason for the complete loss of the security deposit and any potential penalty. It will also be a reason to loose the deposit and/or a potential penalty in case it is detected that smoking has been done in the property; there were pets in the property without express authorization from CALETA HOMES; and any other situation that puts CALETA HOMES' contractual relationship with third parties at risk and / or puts CALETA HOMES at risk of reputation or of any other nature. 


The total duration of the rent/booking will be determined within the Particular Conditions of this agreement, this period will not be extended by any circumstance as the tenant voluntarily agree to rent the property for the holiday season period, thus the mentioned period satisfy their accommodation needs for a not-extendable period.



The arrival time is between 16 pm and 21 pm. And check out time is before 12 pm on departure day. Guests are responsible for abandoning the house and leaving it in perfect order and cleanliness, which must be maintained during the whole stay.

The tenant accepts that the check out will be done independently and autonomously, without the presence of the CALETA HOMES staff, and the tenant is obliged to notify about any incident that may be identified before leaving the property, in case it was not done within 24 hours after arrival.
In this sense, CALETA HOMES will use the deposit and means of payment provided by the tenant (as established in Clause 8 INVENTORY) to cover any damage to the property and / or common areas of the building.



This contract is exclusively entitled to the guests detailed in this document, therefore it is not transferable partially nor totally to any other person. The property can only be occupied by the number of people set by CALETA HOMES for the accommodation. It will exclusively be admitted people who are specified within the list attached (page 1). In case of violation of this clause, CALETA HOMES reserves the right to refuse the entry of such person or, if applicable, to apply a penalty or compensation accordingly.



The tenant will be obliged to return the property, common areas and parking and/or garages subject of this contract, in the same state as it was received; meaning clean, with no damages nor deterioration that may arise during the lease period. The lessee is obliged:

  • Not to assign, subrogate or sublet all or part of the property subject of this contract, without the express consent of the lessor, as well as not to intent it for wholly or partly hosting;
  • Since the nature of this contract is for a tourist accommodation for a specific time, it is strictly forbidden any official register of the tenant or to include the address of the accommodation as an address for such purposes, as this contract does not have the nature of residence or permanent address;
  • To inform the landlord and CALETA HOMES, at the earliest possible, of any misuse or harmful novelty that a third party may cause, being the lessee responsible for the damages and loss this negligence may cause to the owner and / or CALETA HOMES;
  • Not to have or manipulate explosive, flammable, uncomfortable or unhealthy materials in the property, not developing activities that harm the property or which may cause inconvenience, annoyance or scandals to the neighbors;
  • To allow access to the landlord or representative to inspect the operation of any service/supply or, just for the mere supervision of the breach of the clauses of this contract, also allowing the entry and giving way to workers and materials to perform any work in the property;
  • Not to have pets in the property whatsoever;
  • Not to make any copies of the keys with access to both the building, property, garage and/or common areas; not to comply with this obligation can lead the act to criminal or civil proceedings that may protect the rights of CALETA HOMES. If you the keys are lost, a minimum 50 euros penalty will be deducted from the security deposit. If the tenant/ guest forgets the key inside the apartment during the stay, there will be an additional charge of 50 euros. In the case of leaving keys inside the house, inside the lock, the possible costs of opening the door will be paid by the tenant/ guest. 

CALETA HOMES is not responsible for any accidents or mishaps that may occur during the tenants stay in or out site the property; or that may occur within the use of the property facilities, including the swimming-pool, fire place, barbecue, etc in case of featuring them. They must have hired a personal and travel insurance for this matters.

CALETA HOMES can access, check and inspect the property at any time without prior warning.

The guest is responsible for possible penalties that the City Council or any public body of the City may impose for bad behavior or annoyance to the neighbors.


The tenant is responsible for the correct behavior of the occupants who must conform to the norms emanating from the Community of Owners and coexistence, without disturbing the neighbors, in a diligent and responsible manner as would a good parent. In case of complaints from neighbors, the tenant will incur a penalty of the total loss of the Security Deposit. In any case, CALETA HOMES reserves the right to terminate the contract, without being entitled to any type of financial compensation.



The property owners are providing the inventory within the accommodation. Any problems or deficiencies within the mentioned inventory or in the dwelling must be communicated to CALETA HOMES within 24 hours. Similarly, the owner and CALETA HOMES are not liable for any abandoned or forgotten objects in the property. No inventory will be allowed to be taken out of the property at any time. In properties located in beach cities, do not use the towels provided for the beach.

At the end of your stay, please tidy the property and do not leave any trash in the apartment as it may incur into additional cleaning charges.



In the apartments that have this service, CALETA HOMES provides a network and password to connect to a WIFI network from a local telephone provider. CALETA HOMES is not responsible in any case for the possible problems of connection to the WIFI network, inconsistency or signal quality; Including problems arising from incompatibility in the settings of the device and said network. In the event of a failure in the connection or in the network, this will not be compensatory in some way or claimable by the lessee. The incident should be communicated as soon as possible in the telephone number provided by CALETA HOMES so that our team can check the status of the network and find a solution as soon as possible, if possible.

The user accessing the WIFI network provided is responsible for the established connections and websites visited. And he recognizes to be abreast of the regulations corresponding to Data Protection and his direct responsibility for possible illegal navigation or contamination in its equipment or of third parties by some type of virus.



This service is available during our opening hours for any request or assistance the tenant may have or need. In case of emergency you could contact us 24 hours / 7 days / 365 days. The use of the emergency call service must be responsable, otherwise the cost generated from the assistance may be charged on the tenant’s credit/debit card.



All the extra services provided by CALETA HOMES inside and outside its website are subcontracted, so CALETA HOMES is not responsible for the acts they may perform, whether due to negligence, force majeure or fraud and they will be the ones who assume the responsibility in the use and enjoyment of the services and / or contracted products. This includes baby cribs or any other product.

Any tenant traveling with vehicle will be fully and the only responsible for the use of the parking lot made available by CALETA HOMES. CALETA HOMES is not responsible for possible damage to the vehicle or theft.

During any stays longer than two days, CALETA HOMES keeps the right to enter the property to proceed with the cleaning, deep cleaning, replacement and/or substitution of bed linen, towels, etc in the apartment.




Applicable Cancellation Policy If cancelled or modified up to 14 days before date of arrival, free cancellation is possible.

If cancelled or modified later or in case of no-show, the total price of the reservation will be charged.


In case of un-fulfillment by the tenant of the conditions here agreed, CALETA HOMES may terminate this rent contract, with no refund obligation of any amount to the lessees. On CALETA HOMES behalf, in case of force majeure, the booking will be cancelled and the amount paid as a security deposit or any other charges, will be returned to the tenant or, given the case, the remaining proportion of the length of the stay, not having the parties anything to claim to each other.

In the case of reservations made through one of our collaborators, a platform or a third party, which is incorporated into our CALETA Rewards program through a direct reservation, a non-refundable cancellation policy will prevail by default. 


The lessee authorizes CALETA HOMES to create files with personal data, including the ones not enclosed in the Particular Conditions provided, given the case, by telephone, as well as the use and management automated or not, as long as its purpose is the control and registration of the rental, correspondence and operational related and; additionally to receive newsletters, commercial information, advertising and offers that CALETA HOMES may issue. The undersigned certifies these conditions has been duly provided. The hereby authorizations for data transfer and communications may be revoked at any time by the respective owners of the data just by a written pronouncement to CALETA HOMES, which will indicate whether it is a full or partial revocation, clearly stating in the latter case the cession or  type of communication revoked. The revocations shall not have retrospective effects neither shall refer to data transfers imposed by law or that may respond to the development, implementation or control of a free legal relationship and legitimately accepted, as long as the mentioned legal relationship subsists and the obligations born from it are not extinguished or the subsequent actions prescribed.



The parties agree to submit to the Courts of Málaga in case of any conflict between the parties to be resolved.



The tenant is fully aware of the current legal and material situation of the State of Alarm and/or Force Majeure and declares that any risk arising from the situation ceases to be an unforeseeable risk for which CALETA HOMES is not responsible. Likewise, it is committed to complying with the state regulations that regulate the conditions for the mandatory use of a mask during the health crisis situation caused by COVID-19, as well as with the rules of the Community of Owners where the accommodation is located. Before the arrival it will be required to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to access common areas of the property.