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Increase the versatility of your asset with an expert Partner who helps you open the door to a new type of clients.

Knowledge, value added & quality. Thought for success.

Since the origin, our success have been based on our unique approach to hospitality and our years of experience in the industry.

Our way of working so closely means that each one of our accommodations is a special project for us. We know how important your property is to you, and that’s why we put our mind and our heart into each detail. Together, we will build a profitable business with great market recognition. Together, we will make your property a success. Your success.

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Boost your occupancy and operating income.

We are a solid economic partner, signing sustained management agreements and long-term leases that support your net operating income and increase your occupancy.

We are specialized in the management and P&L optimization of real estate assets. We know the industry and manage our portfolio with diligence and a vision to the future.

Offer your guests the service they demand.

We have led our industry and we have successfully adapted to the changes and trends of the sector.

Our broad international experience in the accommodation industry allow us to connect with our guests and their needs. Our visitors are global and our knowledge of their expectations has position us as the best accommodation for premium travellers.

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Serve a new and growing demand space.

Address the growing interest in short and mid term leases; in the full-service management; and in the options provided, by allowing us to provide the operations and administration that will help you meet this growing market.

“They are specialists in the hotel sector and that differs from the rest. They make hassel free and everything works correctly. What characterise CALETA HOMES is its rigorous checks of everything, also of the people who are going to stay”.

Santiago Moreno - Real Estate Partner and Investor.

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“I use the property from time to time, it depends every year, usually for three weeks. We have good communication and the apartment is always impeccable.”

Pedro Grana - Individual Partner.



Our accommodations are kept to exacting standards with our in-house quality protocols and tech platform. Peace and quiet are important for our guests and hassle free management of their assets also for our Partners.



Our expertise on providing memorable experiences; our commitment to develop our Partners’ portfolio; along with our strategic understanding of the market, enables CALETA HOMES to develop top-notch guest satisfaction, to nurture trustworthy relationships, and to establish stable growth.



Our focus on security is upheld by exhaustive verification of payment methods, of payment management and of all potential guests. We are operational 24/7, ready to solve any problem.



Our 24/7 remote Support Team is always available by text, phone and email to take care of every guest need, so you never have to. And our Partner Maintenance Companies are available to resolve any incident on your property at all times.



We obsess over the smallest detail. We have sophisticated tastes while remaining pragmatic.

Our guests have high expectations in the quality of our services; in the welcoming atmosphere, comfort and location of our accommodations; in our values; and in the professional treatment delivered by our team. To fulfil and surpass those expectations is our commitment.

“We have a business model focused on long-term profitability and generating value for our Partners”

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We have the credibility of several decades of experience in hospitality, which reinforces the creation of value for CALETA HOMES and for those Partners that accompany us in our growth.

We have managed to build a successful business based on the financial success of our Partners.


Our data, our analytics platform, our deep and broad knowledge and insights of the market performance and our analytical models, help us identify the most strategic opportunities. Our applied intelligence is designed to optimize the performance of your assets.